/whitelist register

Register for a whitelist

Use the /whitelist register to register for any of the whitelists you qualify for. The command will list all your existing registrations and tell you what other whitelists you are allowed to register for. Make sure to use the dropdown at the bottom to choose the whitelist you want to register for.

This command takes one optional argument if the whitelist is address-based. The parameter in this case is a valid receive address (starting with addr1), or a $handle.


The staked Cardano wallet address or $handle to register for the whitelist. 💡 When using a handle, it will be immediately resolved into an address. This parameter is optional as it is only required for address-based whitelists (the standard type). If it is a Discord-based signup, your account information will be automatically be read and this parameter will be ignored.

Once you have chosen your whitelist, the bot will confirm your signup. You can see your signup afterwards with the /whitelist list command.