View your premium status

If you would like to learn more about Black Edition, use the /premium command and also head to our Premium page. It will show the current premium status of your account, your available HAZEL balance and which servers you have pledged your delegation to.

Having Black Edition will remove any advertisements from your daily bot interactions, automatically make you eligible for redeeming our governance token HAZEL, and you will be entered into an NFT giveaway every epoch, without needing to do anything else. The current giveaway and latest winners will also be visible via the /premium command. Being a premium member will also allow access to exclusive whitelists projects will have for Black Edition members.

You will also be able to pledge your delegation to a server (or remove your pledge) by running the /premium command on the respective server and clicking the button at the bottom. This indicates you support the project running this Discord server and it will give them a Vibrant discount and comes at no cost for you.