/configure-whitelist add

Add a new whitelist and its requirements

Black Edition

With whitelists, you can create opportunities for time-limited or size-limited signups for your community to participate in a project drop or other event. By running /configure-whitelist add you are able to create a new whitelist in seconds, including custom signup conditions. The whitelist will be available immediately, unless you specific a signup start time. If you want to announce the whitelist, you can create a signup widget in a channel of your choice using the /configure-whitelist announce command.

There are two ways to download the signups - either via the REST API and /configure-api generatetoken to integrate with other automated systems, or simply by downloading it within Discord with /configure-whitelist download.

Address-based whitelists will not allow you to see the Discord user ID associated with the registered Cardano address - just the address and signup time. This is to protect your communities privacy and cannot be circumvented.


The display name for your whitelist. It is the official name shown in all announcements and when using the /whitelist register command.


The internal name for the whitelist. It is used for API access and can only contain lower and upper case letters from A-Z, as well as numbers. Your users will never see this name.


The type of information you are looking to collect. Commonly you will want users to whitelist their wallet address, but you can also create Discord user whitelists for other event types.


Optional: Which role is required for users to join the whitelist. You can use role that are auto-assigned roles from Vibrant to create holder-only whitelists. If not provided, everyone can sign up, regardless of any roles they hold.


Optional: A role that is awarded to anyone who is successfully signed up for the whitelist. This can be used to make it clear that someone is on the whitelist by tagging them with a specific role. It can also be used as a reward mechanism (only whitelist holders can participate in giveaways/polls etc. when used with other commands). If a user unregisters from the whitelist, the role will be removed.


Optional: The exact time at which the whitelist opens, in the specific format

in UTC time zone (note the T between date and time and the Z at the end). After the whitelist opens, anyone who fulfills the conditions can register via /whitelist register. If you have designated a publish-channel, this is also the time at which the signup widget will be posted there.


Optional: The exact time at which the whitelist closes, in the specific format

in UTC time zone. After this time, no one can sign up for this whitelist any more.


Optional: The maximum number of users that are accepted into this whitelist. After the maximum is reached, no further signups are possible (unless a user removes themselves from the whitelist via /whitelist unregister).


Optional: The time at which people can redeem their spot in this whitelist or when the respective airdrop occurs, in the specific format

in UTC time zone. If you do not know your launch date at creation of the whitelist, you can always add it later via /configure-whitelist update.


Optional: A https URL to an image (JPG, PNG, GIF) that you want to represent your whitelist with. The logo will appear for users registering for the whitelist and in the announcement posted via /configure-whitelist announce.