Start the setup of your Vibrant Community bot

The /start command is literally the first command you will run on your server. Without using it, you will not be able to use Vibrant. Only users that have the "Manager Server" Discord permission can use this command, even if it appears to normal users. Once executed, you will be prompted with a few choices to set up your bot:


Determine which language commands and the bot interface will be displayed as.

Admin Role

The users included in the admin roles are allowed to configure the bot via the /configure commands.


Select the specific set of features needed for your server. This keeps the list of commands to the minimum needed for your Discord.

Choose all your settings the way you would like them. If you picked the wrong option, you can use the Reset settings button to start over with your choices.

At any time after your bot is set up, you can rerun the /start command to reset your bot. Via the /configure-adminaccess add commands you can later add additional roles to your admins, should you need them.

Once your settings are confirmed, click Finish setup to complete your installation - the bot is now ready.