/profile defaulthandle

Set your default ADA Handle

/profile defaulthandle lets users define a public ADA Handle that can be discovered by other users. Your default handle will be on your public profile on the upcoming Vibrant website, as well as accessible when a user uses the Show ADA Handle user context menu within Discord. Once running the command, you will be prompted to select one of the ADA Handles from your verified wallets. The command will show you at most 25 handles. If you have more than 25 handles and the one you'd like to select is not in the list, please run the command with the handle parameter to set your default handle.

You can only choose handles that are in your verified wallets. If your selected default handle is moved out of your wallet in some manner, it will not be displayed as your default handle any more on any channel.


An optional parameter to directly specify the ADA Handle to set as your default. You will only need to provide this parameter if you have more than 25 handles to choose from. Otherwise, run the command without the parameter

Once you have set your default ADA Handle, other users in Vibrant-enabled Discords can simply right click your name and let them see your handle, like in the below screenshot: